How do I proceed as a corresponding author?

When submitting a manuscript to an CUP journal, be sure to:

  • Use your SU email address
  • State your Stockholm University affiliation

This way CUP will identify you as an author qualified to publish open access, free of charge.

To publish open access free of charge, follow these steps:

  • When your article has been accepted for publication the university library is asked to confirm you affiliation.
  • After confirmation you will receive an email from RightsLink saying that you article has been accepted and that Stockholm University will cover the open access publication charges. (Please note that the library does not cover any extra fees such as page- or color-charges).

The article will be immediately open access when published.

If you encounter any problems with the process or have any questions regarding open access publishing with CUP, please contact the library at

What’s included?

The agreement includes unlimited open access publishing in hybrid and full open access journals, and access to CUP Full Collection of nearly 400 journals. 

List of eligible fully OA and hybrid journals:
CUP Journals 2020 (xlsx) (28 Kb)

About the agreement

The agreement is a national so-called “Read & Publish” agreement. The APCs are already prepaid, since the agreement includes both the costs of the library's subscriptions as well as the costs of open access publishing. The agreement was negotiated by The National Library of Sweden and in addition to Stockholm University, 31 other Swedish research institutes have joined.

Information from Cambridge University Press

More information about centrally funded and discounted article processing charges at SU