How do I proceed as a corresponding author?

The publishing process is somewhat different depending on whether you are publishing in a subscription (hybrid) journal or a fully open access journal from SAGE

To publish open access in a SAGE hybrid journal, follow these steps:

  • Upon acceptance you will receive an email with a link to SAGE Open Access Portal (SOAP)
  • Login or create an account in SOAP and follow the instructions
  • Choose open access for your article (preselected), you will not receive an APC invoice

To publish in a SAGE fully open access journal, follow these steps:
(SAGE’s fully open access journals are not yet activated in SOAP.)

  • Upon acceptance you will receive an e-mail from RightsLink requesting APC payment
  • Login or create an account in RightsLink
  • A 20% discount will appear with the label "Bibsam consortium discount" (a few journals does not offer the 20% discount. Please contact if you have any problems with this step)
  • Proceed to “Payment Options” and choose invoice
  • When you receive the invoice, forward it to for payment

At the time of publication, all articles become immediately open access, at no cost to you as an author. (Please note that other charges such as color figures or offprints are not covered by the agreement.)

What’s included?

Open access publishing, free of charge for Stockholm University corresponding authors in SAGE hybrid and fully open access journals:

A few SAGE journals without an option to publish open access are excluded.

National agreement

The new agreement with SAGE is a so-called “Read & Publish” agreement, a transformative agreement including unlimited open access publishing and reading rights to SAGE's hybrid journals, and an additional 20% discount when publishing in SAGE’s fully open access journals. The agreement was negotiated by The National Library of Sweden and in addition to Stockholm University, about 40 other Swedish research institutes have chosen to participate in the agreement.

At Stockholm University the library covers the APCs for publications in SAGE fully open access journals. This is not included in the national agreement and applies to researchers at Stockholm University only.

Centrally funded and discounted article processing charges at Stockholm University

If you have questions about the agreement or open access publishing, please contact us at