The Geolibrary’s collection of maps originates from the geological and geographical branch libraries, which were combined to create a joint library in 1997.

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The Map Room in the Geolibrary

Some of the Geolibrary’s maps are available digitally in the Map Room. Information about and access to digital maps and geodata are also available here for the university’s students and employees. Swedish map series from the mid-19th century to the present day (i.e. maps from the Geological Survey of Sweden and Lantmäteriet, as well as new nautical charts from the Swedish Maritime Administration) are also held in the Geolibrary.

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Hundred maps

The library has a collection of older economic maps (known as ‘hundred maps’ after the former administrative land divisions) published between the 1860s and the 1920s, as well as 1:10,000 scale economic maps from 1935 to 1978. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ collection of books also includes a large number of loose foreign and Swedish maps.

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Atlas Major

The University Library’s collections feature many atlases dating from the 17th century onwards. These include the famous Atlas Major, which was published by Joan Blaeu in eleven large folio volumes and was completed in 1665.

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GET (Geodata Extraction Tool)

Some of the map materials are searchable via the search box on the library’s homepage and in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ scanned card catalogue. You can also find many maps as appendices in books and journals. Stockholm University has an agreement for free access to the GET (Geodata Extraction Tool) web service, which provides geodata from agencies such as Lantmäteriet and the Swedish Maritime Administration.

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