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Grupprum på biblioteket

The Library As a Place of Study

Frescati Library provides different types of study space. There are quiet reading areas as well spaces where you can sit and work in groups. You can also book one of our group study rooms. Most spaces have computers.

Skriva ut på Stockholms universitetsbibliotek

Copying, printing and scanning

At Frescati Library you will find copying, printing and scanning machines. They are located on the ground floor and are connected to The Stockholm University's printing system. This means that you can print on any of the printers on the university’s campus.

Läsesal för allergiker på Stockholms universitetsbibliotek

Reading Rooms for Allergy Sufferers

Reading rooms for allergy sufferers can be found on the upper level of Frescati Library. There is space for up to twelve people. These reading rooms provide good ventilation and are carefully decorated with a variety of allergies in mind.

Hyr skåp på Stockholms universitetsbibliotek

Storage of Study Material

At Frescati Library, there are 280 lockers for rent. The lockers are for students at Stockholm University who need to store course and study material.

Lär dig att söka på Stockholms universitetsbibliotek

The Search Hub at Frescati Library

You can get help here with your searches. We’ll help you set up your search strategy. Drop-in every weekday between 10 am and 3 pm.

Rules for Visitors to The Stockholm University Library

We want to have the best possible study and work environment for everyone. The visitor rules are determined by the Library’s Board of Directors and concern the general conditions of Frescati Library. Local rules for visitors apply at other library bransches.

Official Process in Case of Discrimination

All institutions of the university are required to have clear guidelines regarding the processing of claims of student harassment under The Discrimination Act.

Opening Hours Frescati Library (Main Libray)

Monday - Thursday: 08.00 - 21.30
Friday: 08.00 - 18.00
Saturday and Sunday: 09.00 - 17.00

Please note, the information desk is staffed from 09.00.