Book a group room (requires login)

Please read the following when booking a group study room:

  • It is possible to book a maximum of 9 hours per booking and no earlier than 14 days before the group study room is to be used.
  • Do not forget to cancel the booking if you will not be using the group study room.
  • When booking more than one time during the same day, you are not allowed to leave less than full hour intervals between bookings.
    If you do, your booking will be erased without further notice.
  • For the ventilation in the room to work effectively please choose a group study room according to the number of people using the room.
  • Leave the room in the same condition you wish to find it. For the well-being of your fellow students, no food is allowed in the group study rooms. Please also see our library etiquette guidelines: Library etiquette guidelines 

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