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A theatre first aid kit from five MA students in Performance Studies

The performance theatre project "SOS! Theatre, Save Our Souls", supervised by professor Meike Wagner, Department of Culture and Aestethics and lead by Master's students at the department, resides at Turteatern. Because of the current situation, the theatre could not be performed in January. But the project group throws out a lifeline: the booklet "SOS! Theatre First Aid Kit".

During the time of the pandemics, the theatre as a safe and social place has been shaken. In this student project a live performance was planned, and might be performed at new dates later this spring. The project now contains a booklet release, visit the Turteatern website to learn more.

"We are five MA students in Performance Studies from Stockholm University who want to welcome you in the theatre and offer to you our survival strategies which theatre can provide."

Experience the booklet

SOS Theatre Performance. Bildrättigheter: Turteatern.