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Albano Campus to be inaugurated in September

Starting on Wednesday, September 20, Stockholm University, KTH, Akademiska hus, Svenska bostäder and the City of Stockholm invite you to the inauguration of the Albano campus. The opening takes place over four days and visitors will be able to take part in a variety of activities.

Former KTH President Peter Gudmundson and Stockholm University President Astrid Söderbergh Widding at a ceremony in Albano on November 30, 2015. Photo: Niklas Björling.

The inauguration of the Albano campus will take place from September 20-23. On Wednesday, September 20 at lunchtime, the campus will be inaugurated with a traditional opening ceremony including music, speeches and refreshments. Later in the day, the art project Future Island will also be inaugurated.

“Between Wednesday and Saturday, a variety of program activities are offered around the new campus for different target groups. There are a lot of different events to choose from!” says Jeanette Peterberg, curator at Spökslottet and the university's representative in the innauguration’s working group.


Activities related to Albano

In various ways, the campus’ education and research, the universities' collaborations, the project's sustainability, and its art and architecture are highlighted.

“There will be talks, lectures, short presentations of current research, guided tours focusing on the arts and other topics, and hands-on activities,” says Jeanette Peterberg.

The activities at the inauguration of the Albano campus are all linked to the area. Photo: Ingmarie Andersson.

One item on the program is the summer presenter and chef of the year Jessie Sommarström, and food scientists Line Gordon (SRC) and Rebecka Milestad (KTH), who will give a presentation with fresh science on the menu. Is it possible to cook enough food for 10 billion people? Are lab-produced meat and insects the way forward? Is it possible to change the mind of an inveterate carnivore? These are some of the questions that this inspirational lecture aims to answer.


The Student Union will also be there

Stockholm University Student Union (SUS) is an important part of the inauguration. Disa Ahlblom-Berg, President of SUS, will attend the opening ceremony.

“We will host the activities in Proviant Albano, the pub, on Wednesday. There will be an opportunity to listen to Albano Talks, participate in a super fun quiz or just hang out,” says Disa Ahlblom-Berg.


Something for everybody

There will be something for everyone at the inauguration - whether you are a student, a researcher or just a curious person.

“The opening will certainly have something for everyone. It includes both activities more focused on entertainment such as the pub or instructor sessions in the outdoor gym. There will also be lots of inspiration in the form of short research presentations and guided tours,” says Disa Ahlblom-Berg.


What a modern campus should be

At the Albano campus, sustainability work has informed everything from the choice of materials to the design of learning environments.

“Campus Albano represents in many ways what a modern campus should be. It is built with the climate in mind and contains many different types of study areas,” says Disa Ahlblom-Berg.

The Albano campus has many different types of study spaces. Photo: Jens Olof Lasthein.

Housing on campus

The campus area has been built with 70,000 square meters of university premises and 1,000 student and researcher apartments. 

“For Albano to reach its full potential as a place where you can both study and live in one of the student apartments in the area, it is important that the city understands the value of Albano,” says Disa Ahlblom-Berg.


Strengthening cooperation between different universities

Campus Albano is Stockholm University and KTH's new campus area Albano. The newly built campus area, together with Karolinska Institutet's Solna campus and the Stockholm School of Economics' Sveavägen campus, forms the so-called Science City. 

“Stockholm University is pleased that the new construction in Albano strengthens the campus for the Stockholm Trio and makes it more coherent, which we now see as a great opportunity. We are also pleased to be able to develop our potential through fully equipped digital environments,” says Astrid Söderbergh Widding, President of Stockholm University.

Jeanette Peterberg, representative of the inauguration working group, Disa Ahlblom-Berg, President of the Stockholm University Student Union and Astrid Söderbergh Widding, Rector of Stockholm University. Photo: Ilari Ohring, Kristin Kling and Eva Dalin.

Program and live broadcast

Parts of the event will be broadcasted live on the web – you can see them at

You can also see the entire program at