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Asia Library moves to the University Library

In the beginning of the summer, the collections of the final branch library, the Asia Library, will be moved to the University Library. The move will take approximately two weeks.

The Asia Library will close on June 10 and thereafter it will be moved to the University Library. This means that you will not have access to the books during two weeks. From the end of June, you can find the books in the yearly collection on the upper floor in the library or order them from the closed stacks. As a researcher, you can as usual get the books delivered to your office. 

During the last years, several branch libraries have been moved to the University Library, as the Library of the Department for Social Work, the Arrhenius Library, and the Geo Library. With the move of the Asia Library, all previous branch libraries are now integrated with the University Library. However, a few departments have their own libraries. 

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