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CIVIS for students: Discover CIVIS courses in the summer

The CIVIS Alliance, in which Stockholm University is a participant, offers several courses for students who want to study at one or more partner universities in Europe.

Civis courses
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Interdisciplinary short-term courses

Travel abroad, learn new skills, get hands-on experience and expand your knowledge with our interdisciplinary and challenge-based short-term courses! All CIVIS mobility programmes are FREE and open to all students enrolled at Stockholm University.
Here is a list of courses close to the deadline for application:

Supporting students' social and emotional development through and within education

Multimode Photonics

Current progress in the development of novel antimicrobials

Proofs, arguments and dialogues: history, epistemology and logic of justification practices

Summer school: Writing in qualitative research

Summer school - 360° of EU Affairs: Key controversies in the European Union

Global change biology

Visit the CIVIS courses webpage to find all courses open for application now:

CIVIS courses


CIVIS micro-programmes

CIVIS micro-programmes allow students to combine multiple CIVIS courses or modules into one coherent learning pathway which reinforces or complements their main study programme. By choosing a micro-programme, you can build your own curriculum and follow your own interests, deepening your knowledge in one of the five CIVIS areas or going broader with transdisciplinary options. The programmes are organized for students at all levels (Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral), so you are sure to find the opportunity that fits!

Science, Technology, Society: Green Innovation, Inclusive Digitalization, Ethical Biomedicalization

Check the CIVIS webpage regularly to find more micro-programmes:

CIVIS micro-programmes


Practice one of the European languages

The Department of Language Education of Stockholm University organises Language Cafe sessions where students and university staff from a CIVIS member university get the opportunity to practise languages in an informal setting, together with other students and native speakers. 20 languages are currently offered and you can participate in as many sessions as you want!

Read more about CIVIS Language cafes


What is CIVIS?

CIVIS – European Civic University Alliance is an alliance within Erasmus+ that brings together over 450,000 students at ten universities in Europe.

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