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Congratulations to our new masters in analytical chemistry!

On June 1st and 2nd our master students defended their masters thesis, and can now call themselves Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry.

A massive congratulations to you all, you have all done very very well. We are very proud of you all, and can not wait learn of your plans for the future.

"Biological Activity (in terms of Peptide Reactivity) of Hazardous Pollutants in Textiles"          
Feven Haile Abreham                

"Determination of Hazardous Amines, Quinolinesand Azo Dyes in Clothes"   
Giulia Carlotta Arrigoni                

"DNA as a trapping agent: In vitro systems and characterization of metabolites" 
Eldina Cehic                
"Identification of isomeric residues by two-dimensional ion mobility spectrometry"  
Masoumeh Akhlaq                

"Two-Dimensional Ion Mobility for Characterization of PCB Metabolites"
Emma Palm                   

"The effect of JAK inhibitors on prostaglandins production"
Sabreen Alabbasi    

"Exposure, toxicity and risk possessed by emerging contaminants found in wastewater treatment plant influent and effluent"    
Lisa Jonsson    

"Moving Towards Standardisation of Semi-Quantification Approaches in Suspect Screening of Water Samples Using LC/ESI/HRMS"   
Louise Malm    

"Method Development for the Detection and Quantification of Oligonucleotides"    
Hrisula Teodorakidu    

"Predicting ionizability and ionization efficiency for non-targeted LC/ESI/HRMS analysis"   
Chimnaz Emrah