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Does your university account have the right assurance level?

As of October 3, all SU students must have at least asssurance level AL1 on their university account. If you haven’t already, you need to upgrade your account as soon as possible.

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What is an assurance level?

Stockholm University is part of the SWAMID federation and therefore needs to follow their rules for how accounts are handled. One of the rules is assurance levels for accounts. Simply explained, it is an indication of how secure we are about who holds a university account. At the lowest level (AL1) it may be the person who provided the information themselves and at the higher ones (AL2) someone has performed and ID check.
Many students still lack an assurance level on their university account, and with the current situation in the world, all university students must have at least assurance level AL1 for security reasons.


What does this mean for you?

If your account does not have a assurance level, you must upgrade to at least AL1. To do this, go to A simple password change is not enough, you need to upgrade your account via Do this when you are at the university. If you are an international student and doesn’t work for you, you can obtain a One Time Code from Infocenter.
It's quite simple and you can find all the instructions in Serviceportalen.

Instructions on how to upgrade your university account

If you started at SU HT2020 or later you already have AL1 automatically. If want to check the assurance level of your account, go to University account  at and look under the heading Organizational affiliation.


What happens now?

Students who do not have a assurance level on their accounts need to upgrade to at least AL 1 as soon as possible but before October 3. On October 3, the accounts that have not upgraded will be reset. This means that it will not be possible to access the university account without upgrading the account first.  
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