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Euroscience Policy Forum in Aula Magna

The first edition of the Euroscience Policy Forum (ESPF 2021) was held on June 29-30. The Stockholm Trio organised four of the nine sessions and one was arranged in Aula Magna at Stockholm University. The event can still be seen via session videos.

Aula Magna
Recording a ESPF 2021 session in Aula Magna.

The Euroscience Policy Forum 2021 attracted participants from a large part of the world. In addition to most European countries, participants from Brazil, Rwanda, Ethiopia, US, Israel, India, Russia, Pakistan, Japan, Canada, Chile and Jamaica logged in and participated in the digital event. A series of interesting panel discussions took place and the interactivity via the chat was great.


On site in Aula Magna

Due to the pandemic, ESPF 2021 became an almost entirely digital event, but a session was partly conducted on site. In the otherwise empty Aula Magna the moderators of The Impact Challenge Revisited, Carl Johan Sundberg from Karolinska Institutet and Nina Wormbs from the Royal Institute of Technology, were on stage and got filmed by Mediaproduktion while their panelists attended via link.


ESPF 2021 can be seen in retrospect

For those who missed one or more sessions during the Euroscience Policy Forum, it is possible to see it afterwards. For about a week, they will be on the event page and later they will be posted on Euroscience's YouTube channel.

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