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Fataneh Farahani editor of themed special section of Journal of Sociology

The themed special section on “Hospitality and Hostility: The intimate life of borders and migration” at Journal of Sociology (2021, vol 57:3) is edited by Fataneh Farahani and Yasmin Gunaratnam.

Journal of Sociology vol 57:3 cover
Journal of Sociology vol 57:3

Working from explicitly feminist and decolonial perspectives, this special section emphasizes on conditionality of hospitality as a crucial site for examining contemporary migration movements, enduring displacement, personal and global (ir)responsibility.

The contributors bring hospitality and mobility studies into closer dialogue by turning their attention to the dilemmas of intimate life and refugee hosting. In acknowledging the centrality of hospitality and hostility to contemporary social life, contributors make three key interventions. First, by building on discussions in feminist and critical race and whiteness studies, they show how hospitality is gendered and racialised; with particular focus on the entanglements between whiteness, colonial legacies and new ‘welcome cultures’ that often displace global responsibility. Second, the articles uncover how hospitality discourses and practices have the potential to encompass a range of multiple and different intimate and social relationships rather than simply being ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Third, a central and implicit thematic across the articles is that of ‘intimate citizenship’.

Fataneh Farahani is the main editor and writes the introductory article “Hospitality and Hostility: The dilemmas of intimate life and refugee hosting”.

She is also co-author (with Nazli Şenses) of the article ‘Civil Society and Pro-migrant Activism in Turkey’.

In addition, the section includes the following texts:

‘Not in My Name: Empathy and Intimacy in Volunteer Refugee Hosting’ by Yasmin Gunaratnam

‘“Wir schaffen das”: Hope and Hospitality Beyond the Humanitarian
by Billy Holzberg

‘“It’s like having one more family member”: Private hospitality, affective responsibility and intimate boundaries within refugee hosting networks’ by Pierre Monforte, Gaja Maestri and Estelle d’Haluin

“Young, unauthorised and Black: African unaccompanied minors and becoming an adult in Italy” by Sara Walker and Yasmin Gunaratnam