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Hernan Mondani appointed Docent in Sociology

The Department of Sociology congratulates Hernan Mondani for his appointment as Docent in Sociology at Stockholm University.

Hernan Mondani
Hernan Mondani. Photo: Leila Zoubir/Stockholm University

The level is equivalent to that of an Associate Professor.

Extract from the expert statements that the promotion is based upon:

"Mondani is directing his attention to some of the more pressing and complex issues of our time (…) criminality and the organizational aspects of crime, and the complexity of refugee integration and management. In this regard Mondanis work is both innovative and groundbreaking. (...) Mondani has shown that it is possible to advance our understanding of complex phenomena using existing time series data in new ways. His findings in the area of organized crime is likely to be influential in developing countermeasures to organized crime."

Read more about Hernan's research here

The article was published 2022-05-30