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Messages from our alumni during the pandemic

In order to foster the spirit of community and create connection across geographical divides, the Alumni Relations team reached out to alumni internationally in April, when the pandemic had truly become global.

Alumni from around the world shared with us both on film and in writing about how they were coping. Watch the video and read messages from our global alumni community. 



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Some alumni quotes

"I’ve started reading a lot more, which is something I’ve wanted to do for the last couple of years but never really found time for it."
Sreedevi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, International Commercial Arbitration Law

It’s mango season in India. I would like to say Indian mangoes really helped me a lot. And again, this is not any mango, but Indian mangoes.

Praveen, Hyderabad, India, alum of Computer and Systems Science

"The most important thing for me is to do some random walk at dusk. I like to walk the streets of Stockholm while enjoying the beautiful sunset. It also reminds me of the time I was studying in Spain."
Sun, Stockholm, Sweden, student of the Master’s programme in Banking and Finance at Stockholm Business School

"I’m quite positive and calm despite the covid crisis. I’ve spent my time with my family and my children, transferring my childhood games."
Milan, Bhanu, Nepal, alum of International and Comparative Education

"I look forward to taking out all of my toiletries, having to scan them. I miss all the little things about traveling."
Evelyn, Geneva, Switzerland, alum of International Commercial Arbitration Law

I’m apart from my only nephew who’s 11, and for sure the first thing I would like to do when the quarantine ends will be to meet him and hug him. Or at least try to, as he’s not really into cuddles at his age.

Marita, Bergamo, Italy, alum of Media and Communication Studies

"If there’s anything I can take away from all of this it’s really community service. I’m the president of our homeowners’ association and we’ve really lifted community service to a whole different level. The challenge was there, but we came together in order to assist all of our residents."
Gingin, Calamba, The Philippines, alum of Intellectual Property Law

"Some of the things that I hope we will retain are the generousity, the kindness and outreach to other people. The sharing of a global concern which overrides other issues. The reduction in consumerism and greater respect for the environment. I really hope we can remember those things and live a bit differently."
Melinda, Washington DC, USA, alum of International Graduate School

"We read more, walk more, write more, pray more, enjoy family more (maybe challenging at times), meditate more, exercise more. There so much more...never count out our invention, our intellect, our science. We will figure this out but the lessons will stay with us. I don’t believe there’s a returning like there used to be." 
Tom, USA, alum of International Graduate School
"We have a new normal that is unpredictable.....but despite of all the human sufferings - our nature and habitat that has been ‘abused is now celebrating. In Manila alone, for the first time in decades - we have no pollution and breathing fresh air, clouds are blue and mountains are greener and birds come in flock and even dirty rivers now have fishes."
Dornet, Manila, The Philippines, alum of International Graduate School
"Although we are scattered around the world now we are united in daily routines that we would not have imagined forty years ago. We all have our coping mechanisms. For me, besides lots of online and phone contact with family and friends, working in my garden keeps me sane. Thank goodness for email, the Internet, Skype, Zoom and all our other communication resources." 
Ellen, Madison, USA, alum of International Graduate School

"Looking to the future, I think we will be riding the crests and troughs of this virus for several years, and we need to be prepared to adjust as needed. This is a tough time for the global economy, but I am also excited to see what innovations arise from this crisis. I think we will have to adjust to a "new normal" – and I am curious to see that that will be."
Lorrane, Arizona, USA, alum of International Graduate School