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National study on sexual harassment and gender-based violence

A national survey will study the prevalence of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in academia. At the end of April, a questionnaire will be sent to randomly selected students, doctoral students and staff.

This is the first study of its kind in Sweden, and is part of the Research and Collaboration Programme with a focus on how the Swedish higher education sector can jointly improve the work and study environment at our universities. The purpose of the study is to establish research-based knowledge about the prevalence and consequences of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in academia, among students, doctoral students and staff.

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Preventive and supportive measures

The results may hopefully be used for the development of preventive and supportive measures to form higher education institutions free from sexual harassment. The results are also expected to be a basis for future research and development initiatives as well as comparisons in future follow-up studies. 


Answers are confidential

The questionnaire is sent out in week 17 by Statistics Sweden SCB to 125,000 randomly selected students, doctoral students and staff at 38 higher education institutions. SCB also collects the answers and compiles the results.

The survey asks for experience of being exposed yourself, knowing others who have been exposed and of exposing others to sexual harassment. In addition, questions are asked about gender-based violence beyond sexual harassment and how it relates to health and psychosocial work environment. The study is approved by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority and the answers are covered by confidentiality. 


Report to be published in 2022

In the spring of 2022, the Research and Collaboration Programme will publish an overall sector level report. Stockholm University shall, as a part of the plan for gender mainstreaming 2020–2021, analyze the results for the university and then identify activities to rectify any issues.

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Coordinator for equal treatment

As a student you can contact the coordinator for equal treatment should you have any concerns regarding these matters. The coordinator is based at Student Services in Studenthuset and their assignment/mandate is based on the Swedish Discrimination Act of 2008. Questions regarding work environment and victimisation should be handled by the Department. 

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Through the link below you can read more about the procedure for discrimination complaints relating to students.

Procedure for discrimination complaints


Information to employees on sexual harassment

Information for employees who are contacted by a student or applicant regarding cases of harassment according to the Discrimination Act. More information

Information on how to handle harassment against employees. (In Swedish)



Research and Collaboration Programme:

Contact at Stockholm University: Lovisa af Petersens (, Office of the President