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New article on cross-promotion strategies between opera and film

In a new article published in the british online journal Open Library of the Humanities, associate professor in musicology Johanna Ethnersson Pontara writes about cross-promotion strategies between cinema and the classical music industry.

Foto: Vlah Dumitru. Unsplash.

In her article “The Phenomenal Side of the Operatic Performance: Implications of Promotion Strategies on Cinematic Representations of the 21st Century”, musicology scholar Johanna Ethnersson Pontara concludes that the marketing strategies which surrounded the participation of professional opera singers in 1930s/1940s Hollywood films are being reflected in marketing strategies today. In her article, Ethnersson Pontara investigates the use of cross-marketing strategies in three recent films.

Johanna Ethnersson Pontara. Foto: Niklas Björling.

Ethnersson Pontara shows how the real-life singers behind the fictional characters are promoted through the films, whereas the films role in representing the singer as a celebrity is enhanced.

The article is available in open access.

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