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New book about Equality Law

The anthology ”Equality” is volume 68 in the book series Scandinavian Studies in Law, published by the Stockholm Institute for Scandinavian Law at the Faculty of law, Stockholm University. The volume editor is Professor Laura Carlson and the series General Editor is Senior lecturer Lydia Lundstedt.

Picture of the book
According to the EU Charter, the concept of equality includes: equality before the law, non-discrimination, diversity, gender equality, rights of children, elderly people and people with disabilities. Photo: Natalie Oliwsson

Issues of equality have been radically brought to the forefront by #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, the Covid-19 Pandemic and climate justice in a period of less than five years. The structural discrimination identified in these different contestations has raised more questions than can be answered with respect to the legal treatment of equality. In this sixty-eighth volume in the series, Scandinavian Studies in Law, nineteen authors take up some of these questions, examining equality under the law in the Scandinavian legal context. 

The anthology is structured in such a way that several chapters are devoted to specific grounds of discrimination, such as gender, gender identity, age, race and disability. Other chapters address equality for example in housing and employment, the role of civil society and access to justice. Overall, the analysis is carried out from four different aspects: theoretical and international frameworks for equality, protected grounds, protected areas and enforcement on the national levels.

Several contributors from SU Law

“Equality” is one of the first Nordic books to focus on the different aspects of equality law, including the right to be treated differently in certain contexts - such as the relationship of the Sami to their land. The volume is aimed to those who wish to deepen their perspectives on these important social issues. 

Volume editor is Laura Carlson, professor in Private Law at Stockholm University, who also participates in the book, with the chapter “Sweden - Balancing Corporatism and Access to Justice”. From SU Law also participates Paul Lappalainen, doctoral student in Private Law, with the chapter “The Role of Civil Society Advocacy in Equality Law – Lessons for the Nordics”. 

General editor of the book series Scandinavian Studies in Law is Lydia Lundstedt, Senior Lecturer in Private International Law.

About Scandinavian Studies in Law

Scandinavian Studies in Law (Sc.St.L.) is a book series containing articles by Scandinavian academics and legal experts. Each volume focuses on a specific law topic and the work is conducted under the auspices of a scientific coordinator who is an expert in the field. Most articles have never been published before, although on occasion, the series presents translations or updates of previously published articles from the Nordics.