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New book: Democratism

The book “Democratism: Explaining International Politics with Democracy Beyond the State” introduces an explanatory theory for surveying global and international politics.

Picture on the front cover of the book Democratism.
Democratism: Explaining International Politics with Democracy Beyond the State. New book by Hans Agné, Professor in Political science.

Describing the nature and effects of democracy beyond the state, Hans Agné, Professor at the Department of Political Science, explores peace and conflict, migration politics, resource distribution, regime effectiveness, foreign policy and posthuman politics through the lens of democratism to both supplement and challenge established research paradigms.

Transcending the conventional limitations of domestic politics in empirical studies, Agné presents novel ways of thinking about democracy, reconstructing received normative theories of democracy in global and international politics into an innovative framework for causal explanation. Rigorously testing this framework both empirically and theoretically, this book goes to the very heart of contemporary political issues, illustrating new solutions to problems of inequality, social recognition, global governance, environment politics and human rights protections.
Opening up new avenues for exploring contemporary paradigms in international studies, this book is crucial reading for scholars and students of political science, particularly those interested in democratic and international theory. It will also benefit policymakers and political analysts, offering a wealth of new ideas concerning the key drivers of modern democratic politics and critical insights for changing its direction.

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