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New management at the Department of Culture och Aesthetics

A literary scholar, an art historian and a historian of ideas. Those are the new heads of department for the next three years.

Karin Dirke, Boel Hackman, and Catharina Nolin
Karin Dirke, Boel Hackman, and Catharina Nolin.

The president of Stockholm University Astrid Söderbergh Widding has made the decision that the management of the department will be lead by Boel Hackman as the head of department with Catharina Nolin as deputy. Terms of office is between the 1th of August 2022 and the 31th of July 2025.

Karin Dirke will take over the role as Assistant head of department. The head of administration, Maria Gärdelöf, will also be part of the management.

Boel Hackman is associate professor of Literature and has mainly focused on Swedish 20th century literature with a focus on gender. She has been the head of the department since 2019 and was before that the head of Literary studies.

Catharina Nolin is professor of Art History and her research is mostly in garden history and landscaping in the 19th and 20th century. She has also been the head of Art History and Heritage Studies at the department.

Karin Dirke is associate professor of History of ideas and focuses on human/animal studies and Environmental Humanities. She has up to now been the head of History of Ideas.

Maria Gärdelöv has been the Head of Administration for the past year and has previously worked at several different departments at Stockholm University.