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New students were welcomed at Orientation Day

– I haven’t had time to discover Stockholm yet as I’ve been so busy hanging out with new friends at the university, Polish exchange student Michal Jedrzejczak said as he attended the welcome fair at Orientation Day for international students on 21 January.

Exchange student Michal Jedrzejczak. Photo: Karin Persson
Exchange student Michal Jedrzejczak visited Orientation Day. 

– It’s wonderful here and I enjoy it a lot. The professors and staff are really helpful. I’m surprised that it’s not so cold, though. It’s even warmer than at home.
Michal Jedrzejczak was going to study courses in arbitration law and had chosen Stockholm University as his study destination due to a keen interest in the Scandinavian countries.
– I want to find out more about how your society works, the way you treat people, human rights and things like that.

Getting into the Swedish way of life

Canadian exchange student Elisabeth Bergeron, who was going to take courses within media and performance studies, was also very excited to learn more about Swedish society.

I want to see it, live it and feel it.

Exchange student Elisabeth Bergeron about life in Sweden.

– There are so many great things here and I am now getting emerged in the Swedish way of life. I want to see it, live it and know what it feels like.

Peruvian exchange students Fiorella Camizan Torres and Estephany León Rodríguez.Photo: Karin Persson
Peruvian exchange students Fiorella Camizan Torres and Estephany León Rodríguez. 

A safe and friendly country

Peruvian law students Estephany Leon and Fiorella Camizan Torres had chosen to study in Sweden primarily as a way to practise and improve their English. 
– And of course because the education at Stockholm University is so prestigious, they said. We’ve also heard that Sweden is a safe and friendly country. 
They admitted that studying abroad definitely means leaving your comfort zone, something that International Coordinator Åsa Landes, host of the Orientation Day seminar programme, agreed with in her welcoming speech.

You should be proud of yourselves for having taken the step to study abroad.

Åsa Landes, International Coordinator and host of Orientation Day.

– You should be proud of yourselves for being here today, she told the newcomers from the podium in the large Aula Magna auditorium. Not all students manage to take the step that you have taken, to go abroad and study. I think I know how you feel today because, believe it or not, about 25 years ago I was an exchange student myself in China.

Part of the welcome activities

The seminar programme offered useful practical information about student support, library services, student life, Swedish language courses and much more.
In addition to the welcome fair and the seminars, there were a speed friending event and a student pub crawl to round off the day. Orientation Day is part of the welcome activities for international students that stretch over a period of about two weeks.

Text and photo: Karin Persson

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