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Ready for next semester?

The autumn term of 2022 starts on 29 August. On this page we have gathered useful information about what you should know and do before then. It is a live page, so remember to come back now and then and look for updates.

The autumn term of 2022 starts on 29 August 2022 and ends on 15 January 2023.

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International students can follow the admission process online on

National students use the corresponding address

International round

Log in and look for My pages (or "Mina sidor").

7 April: Admissions results published (Reply required, information has been sent out by e-mail to all admitted students)

28 July: Second admissions results (no reply required)

12 August: E-mails about course registration and other important information are sent to all new students. Please check the e-mail address you have entered for your account on universityadmissions or

August: Welcome activities

National round

Log in and look for My pages (or "Mina sidor").

12 July: Admissions results published (Reply required)

22 July: Reply deadline

28 July: Second admissions results (no reply required)

12 August: E-mails about course registration and other important information are sent to all new students. Please check the e-mail address you have entered for your account on universityadmissions or

August: Welcome activities


Course registration and more

Before the semester starts you need to register on the course/s you plan to take.

Some courses may also have an introductory meeting which you should try to attend.

International master students

New students: E-mails with information about course registration is sent to all new admitted students on 12 August. If you have not received an e-mail by 15 August you should contact our Student Affairs Office at

Returning students: If you are starting your 3rd term you will get an e-mail with information. Please check that your e-mail address in Ladok for students is still valid, and check for new e-mails regularly (every day).

Incoming exchange students

Incoming exchange students should have been in contact with the International coordinator concerning their course choices, and will receive information by e-mail on 20 June.

If you have not received an e-mail or have questions concering your course registration you should ocntact the international coordinator at


If you need to complete a course that you did not finish a previous semester, you should re-register on that course to be able to join the classes. However, this can only be done if there are free spots on the course. Please send your request for re-registration to the Student Affairs office,, with full name, date of birth/"personnummer" and what course you would like to take.


If you have (written) examinations you need to take, you can login to Ladok for students and see if there are any examinations that you can sign up for. If you cannot find any examinations in Ladok you might need to re-register, please see informaiton above.

Ladok for students


Information on course site and in Athena

General information such as the course syllabus with course literature and contact information can be found on the course site in the University course catalogue. This information is available for everyone.

Courses and programmes

As a registered student you will find more detailed information, handouts and learning activities in our learning platform Athena. The course syllabus and schedule is also available from within Athena. You communicate with your teachers and fellow students within Athena. You may find it handy to download the app called "Itslearning" for quick access to your course communications. The app is free and available on the app stores for iOS and Android.

Please note that you need to activate your University account and be registered on a course to be able to log in to Athena and several other services. Read more about IT for students further down.

Activate your University account


Order your University card - for library and printing services


Studying with a disability

Stockholm University welcomes students with disabilities. The goal is that all our students should have equal rights and opportunities regardless of disability. If you are studying with a disability there might be suppport measures that you can make use of in your studies. Please note that it is important to apply for this support well in advance of the start of the term. Click on the link below for more information on how to apply.

Studying with a disability


More questions?

Please read the Frequently asked questions page from our study councellors and Student Affairs office. It may prove really useful to you.

Frequently asked questions for the start of term



Find contact information for the Student Affairs office and our study councellors and more.

(Please note that the e-mail address is just an alias of the Swedish equivalent, and answers that you will get will probably be from this address. If you have previously used the old address, this will also work for the time being (but not for too long).



More information

A smooth start. With welcome activities and more at Stockholm University.

Athena - Our learning platform (more info above).

IT for students Activate your University account, order your University card, get to know more about wifi, IT safety, software for students and other digital tools and services. And look for support when things does not work the way they should...

Student life - it's not all about books and cleverness, but also student unions, housing, sporting activities - and well, places to study...

Student support - about the University library, academic writing service, rights and responsibility (important!), study and career councelling and more.