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Reglindis De Ridder discussed current dubbing practices with Flemish Minister for Media

Jan Vermassen, Benjamin Dalle, Reglindis De Ridder, Liesbeth De Wolf, Michaël Pas, Ellen Van Hove
From left to right: Deputy Head of Cabinet Youth and Media Jan Vermassen, Flemish minister of Youth, Media and Brussels Benjamin Dalle, Senior Lecturer in Dutch Studies at Stockholm University Reglindis De Ridder, Representative of the dubbing sector at De Acteursgilde Liesbeth De Wolf, Spokesperson of De Acteursgilde Michaël Pas, Initiator of the petition Ellen Van Hove

Reglindis De Ridder, Senior Lecturer in Dutch Studies researching audiovisual translation into Dutch, joined De Acteursgilde (Actors Guild) and Ellen Van Hove in Brussels when they handed over a petition for more Belgian Dutch dubbing to the Flemish Minister for Brussels Affairs, Youth and Media. Streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ mainly offer content in the dominant Netherlandic Dutch variety while often dubbed versions in Belgian Dutch are also available. This caused a lot of commotion in Belgium and has been discussed on several occasions in the press and in the regional Flemish Parliament. The minister took the time to discuss the matter in great detail and think about possible solutions.

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