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SBS Code of Conduct

An academic approach and way of acting are a vital part of good scientific practice and cornerstones of all higher education. Stockholm Business School (SBS) has developed a code of conduct for how students are expected to approach their studies and behave towards peers, teachers, administrative staff and as representatives of Stockholm University.

As a student at SBS, you are expected to:

  • Value academic integrity, apply good research practice, independence, scientific methods, accuracy in the implementation of individual work, group projects and degree theses.
  • Contribute to a well-functioning and respectful collaboration with your peers in joint assignments.
  • Refrain from cheating in examinations, for example plagiarism, cooperating when it is not allowed, or using aids without special permission.
  • Contribute to the quality of education by answering course and programme evaluations.
  • Work for a safe, tolerant, open-minded and inclusive study and work environment, free from discrimination, abusive behavior and harassment.
  • Affirm people’s equal value, rights, opportunities and obligations, regardless of gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, functional variation, sexual orientation and age.
  • Carefully study course and programme syllabi, rules for education and examination and other information about your education.
  • Take responsibility for arriving on time for scheduled teaching.
  • Update your contact information in Ladok and Athena so as not to miss important information.
  • Refrain from recording, filming and photographing educational situations. Respect that material recorded by SBS may not be published on websites or in social media.