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Stockholm University returns gradually to campus

As of 9 February 2022, most of the restrictions and recommendations introduced to stop the spread of the coronavirus are lifted. Stockholm University will return gradually to teaching and examination on campus and staff will return gradually on site on campus.

Most of the restrictions regarding Covid-19 are removed as of 9 February 2022, The Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden recommend that that universities should return gradually to teaching and examination according to the regular form on campus. However, it still applies that everyone who is ill and suspects that they have Covid-19 should stay at home and the unvaccinated should also continue to be particularly careful.

The President has decided that teaching and examination must return to being given on campus as soon as possible. The return can take place gradually, but from, 22 March 2022 teaching and examination will mainly take place according to the regular form on campus. No special restrictions apply at events or gatherings.

Employees must gradually return to working on site on campus from 15 February in agreement with the manager in charge. By April 1, 2022, the return to work on campus must be completed.

Read more in the President’s decision from 9 February 2022 (in Swedish)

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