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The Asian Library at campus Kräftriket is closing

The book collections are moved to the Frescati Library in June.

In connection with the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies moving from Kräftriket to Campus Frescati, the Asian Library will be closed permanently. The Asian Library's book collections will then be moved to the Frescati Library.

Book borrowers and students will have access to the Asian Library until 10 June. The book collections will be available again in the Frescati Library on 27 June.

The approximately 2,500 titles that have been on loan over the past ten years will be available in open collections and will end up in various locations in the Frescati Library. Most books can be accessed on the Frescati Library's upper level (5). The Asian Library's REF collection, which consists of dictionaries, will in the autumn of 2022 be integrated into the Frescati Library's REF collection located at the entrance level.

If you have questions you can contact the library by chat, e-mail or telephone, or by visiting our Question Forum (FAQ).

The Frescati Library at Campus Frescati. Photo: Imgmarie Andersson