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Things to think about when you’re traveling to the University

The University, together with SL, would like to remind all students and employees to only use public transportation if you really must. If you are able, choose another method for commuting.

When you commute we encourage you to keep distanced, show concern for others and, if possible, avoid the rush hours 7:30-9:00 and 15:30-17:30. And of course, only travel if you are healthy. These recommendations come straight from the Public Health Agency.


Download the SL app

SL needs your help to avoid crowding. They recommend downloading the free SL app. It always has up-to-date information and makes it easier to search for trips and find other methods of traveling. The app will be installed in English if your phone’s language is set to something other than Swedish.

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More about how the corona situation will impact public transit in the autumn:

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