Elsa Fogelström

Elsa Fogelström


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Works at Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
Telephone 08-16 37 74
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 20 A
Room N311
Postal address Institutionen för ekologi miljö och botanik 106 91 Stockholm


A selection from Stockholm University publication database
  • 2017. Elsa Fogelström (et al.). Ecology 98 (3), 703-711

    Temporal variation in natural selection has profound effects on the evolutionary trajectories of populations. One potential source of variation in selection is that differences in thermal reaction norms and temperature influence the relative phenology of interacting species. We manipulated the phenology of the butterfly herbivore Anthocharis cardamines relative to genetically identical populations of its host plant, Cardamine pratensis, and examined the effects on butterfly preferences and selection acting on the host plant. We found that butterflies preferred plants at an intermediate flowering stage, regardless of the timing of butterfly flight relative to flowering onset of the population. Consequently, the probability that plant genotypes differing in timing of flowering should experience a butterfly attack depended strongly on relative phenology. These results suggest that differences in spring temperature influence the direction of herbivore-mediated selection on flowering phenology, and that climatic conditions can influence natural selection also when phenotypic preferences remain constant.

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Last updated: February 22, 2018

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