Angelica chirico

Angelica Chirico


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Works at Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
Telephone 08-16 27 23
Visiting address Svante Arrhenius väg 20 A
Room N 397
Postal address Institutionen för ekologi miljö och botanik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

PhD student and Science communicator, with research interests within:

  • Conservation and Ecology of coral reefs and seagrass beds
  • Fisheries management & Small-scale fisheries
  • Marine protected areas (MPAs) and Locally- and community-managed fisheries closures (or LMMAs)


Research project

My research focuses on how marine fisheries closures affect two important ecosystem service providers; corals and seagrasses, and their associated benthic communities, fish assemblages and ecological processes. Studies are carried out in Kenya (East Africa) within community-managed and government-managed fisheries closures.


Science communication

I am an enthusiastic science communicator and I am keen on the challenge of making complex research easy-to-understand and communicate its wider relevance to society. As a part of the department’s communication group, I am responsible for department’s Instagram account and Facebook page.

Check out my professional twitter account: @AngelicaChirico and follow our department on Twitter



Community- and governement-managed marine protected areas increase fish size, biomass and potential value. Chirico AAD, McClanahan TR, Eklöf JS (2017) PLOS ONE 12(8): e0182342.



Supervisor: Dr. Johan Eklöf, Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden.


Co-supervisor: Dr. Tim McClanahan. Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) - Coral Reef Conservation Project, Mombasa, Kenya.


Co-supervisor: Dr. Nils Kautsky, Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden.



Dr. Jacqueline Uku. Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI). 


East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS), Nairobi, Kenya.

Last updated: March 14, 2018

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