Alexander Miething

Alexander Miething

Senior Lecturer

Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of Public Health Sciences
Visiting address Sveavägen 160, Sveaplan
Room 346
Postal address Institutionen för folkhälsovetenskap 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I am a sociologist and researcher at the Department of Public Health Sciences, Stockholm University. My primary area of research concerns the social determinants of health, particularly individual-level and community-level aspects of social inequalities, and how they are linked to health. A specific interest is on social capital, social relations and networks, and how these domains relate to people’s well-being and health behaviors.

I currently work as researcher in the SMASH project, and investigate health inequalities in individuals with immigrant background. I am also involved in a project on the long-term implications of social trust for health and other societal outcomes.


Selected publications:

Beller, J., Miething, A., Regidor, E., Lostao, L., Epping, J., & Geyer, S. (2019). Trends in grip strength: Age, period, and cohort effects on grip strength in older adults from Germany, Sweden, and Spain. SSM-Population Health, 9, 100456.

Giordano, G. N., Mewes, J., & Miething, A. (2019). Trust and all-cause mortality: a multilevel study of US General Social Survey data (1978–2010). J Epidemiol Community Health.

Miething, A., Rostila, M., Edling, C., & Rydgren, J. (2018). The Peer Context of Dieting: The Relationship between Young Adults’ Dieting Frequency and Their Friends’ Weight-Related Characteristics. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health.

Miething, A., Rostila, M., & Rydgren, J. (2017). Access to occupational networks and ethnic variation of depressive symptoms in young adults in Sweden. Social Science & Medicine, 190, pp. 207-216.

Miething, A., Almquist, Y. B., Edling, C., Rydgren, J., & Rostila, M. (2017). Friendship trust and psychological well-being from late adolescence to early adulthood: A structural equation modelling approach. Scand J Public Health, 45(3), pp. 244-252 .

Miething, A., Rostila, M., Edling, C., & Rydgren, J. (2016). The Influence of Social Network Characteristics on Peer Clustering in Smoking: A Two-Wave Panel Study of 19-and 23-Year-Old Swedes. PLOS ONE, 11(10).

Miething, A., Almquist, Y. B., Östberg, V., Rostila, M., Edling, C., & Rydgren, J. (2016). Friendship networks and psychological well-being from late adolescence to young adulthood: a gender-specific structural equation modeling approach. BMC Psychology, 4(1), 34.

Miething, A., & Åberg Yngwe, M. (2014). Stability and variability in income position over time: exploring their role in self-rated health in Swedish survey data. BMC Public health, 14(1), 1.

Miething, A. (2014). Others’ income, one’s own fate: How income inequality, relative social position and social comparisons contribute to disparities in health. Doctoral thesis. Health Equity Studies 19.

Miething, A. (2013). A matter of perception: Exploring the role of income satisfaction in the income–mortality relationship in German survey data 1995–2010. Social Science & Medicine, 99, 72-79.

Last updated: September 16, 2020

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