Anastasia Thomai "Anthemis" Raptopoulou

Anastasia-Thomai Raptopoulou


Visa sidan på svenska
Works at Department of Education
Visiting address Frescativägen 54
Postal address Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Anastasia-Thomai (Anthemis) Raptopoulou is a doctoral student in the Department of Education and has an interest on digital games and digital game-based learning. Anthemis has a background in education, with a bachelor’s degree in Primary School Education at University of Thessaly and a master’s degree in International and Comparative Education at Stockholm University.

From her bachelor studies, Anthemis got involved in the academic community when she was working in the Greek Language Laboratory (GLL) at the University of Thessaly; a center for research, analysis, learning and teaching of Modern Greek. The knowledge and experiences she gained from her collaboration with GLL made her interested in research and Academia. Anthemis, as a gamer herself, has always been keen on playing games. However, it was around the same time that she started to become interested in Game Research, which grew up to be her research passion.  

Anthemis’ research focuses on the use of digital games as education tools and the implementation of digital game-based learning in formal school settings. In particular, she intends to investigate how games are currently being used for learning and teaching purposes and she hopes that she will be able to contribute to a deeper understanding of the educational use of digital games.

Apart from being a PhD student and conducting research, Anthemis likes to spend her time switching between hobbies, such as playing music and theater, travelling and seeking for food experiences. 



Raptopoulou, A. (2015). Mind the Gap. A qualitative study on preschool teachers’ perception on digital game-based learning. Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Education.

Androulakis G., Efthimiadou, C., Kitsiou, R., Milini, N., Rakitzi, K., Raptopoulou, A. (2012). Construction of the sociolinguistic profile of bilingual Albanian students in Greek schools as perceived by their teachers. Proceedings of  2nd Crossroads of Languages and Cultures: Greek-Albanian Contact conference (p. 8-15), Thessaloniki: Faculty of Education, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki



Raptopoulou, A. (2017). Digital game-based learning: How far have we come? Paper presented in NERA2017 conference in Copenhagen 23-25 March, 2017.

Raptopoulou, A. (2016). Digital games as a medium for the promotion of social change. A literature review on persuasive games. Paper presented in NERA2016 conference in Helsinki 9-11 March, 2016.

Last updated: October 3, 2018

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