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Andreas Winkler


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Works at Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies
Visiting address Lilla Frescativäg 7, Wallenberglaboratoriet
Postal address Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens kultur 106 91 Stockholm Stockholm


A selection from Stockholm University publication database
  • 2018. Andreas Winkler. Bulletin of The American Society of Papyrologists 55, 229-251

    This paper revisits the location of Mouchis, a village in the division of Polemon in the Fayum, whose exact whereabouts have been the subject of some debate. In this connection, the toponym's development from Demotic and Greek to Coptic and Arabic is reconsidered. Additionally, the paper provides an overview of the settlement, which was an important regional administrative and economic centre. The article also discusses the etymology and background of one of the local crocodile gods of Mouchis, Sokonporchnoubis, attested in at least four documents, which partly come from the site in question or its vicinity.

  • 2018. Andreas Winkler. Hieratic, Demotic and Greek studies and text editions: of making many books there is no end, 298-308
  • 2018. Andreas Winkler, Mathieu Ossendrijver. "The scaffolding of our thoughts": essays on Assyriology and the history of science in honor of Francesca Rochberg, 382-419

    The authors present two demotic ostraca from the Ashmolean Museum with instructions for computing Mercury's first and last evening and morning visibilities. The instructions are based on Babylonian systems A1and A2. They employ a mathematical formulation based on "elementary steps" that is not yet attested in Babylonia. As will be argued, the procedure shed new light on the role of native Egyptian scholars in the transfer of astral science from Babylonia to Egypt.

  • Chapter PSI XVII 1715
    2018. Andreas Winkler, Todd Hickey. Papiri della Società Italiana, 259-274
  • Chapter PSI XVII 1714
    2018. Andreas Winkler, Todd Hickey. Papiri della Società Italiana, 248-258
  • 2018. Andreas Winkler.
  • 2018. Åke Engsheden, Andreas Winkler. Journal of Juristic Papyrology 47, 101-115
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