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Telephone 08-16 27 79
Visiting address Huvudbiblioteket, Universitetsvägen 10 D
Postal address Stockholms universitetsbibliotek 106 91 Stockholm


A selection from Stockholm University publication database
  • 2013. Urban Andersson (et al.).
  • 2012. Anders Söderbäck. Att bryta ny marc, 196-206
  • 2011. Anders Söderbäck. Serials 24 (1), 38-42

    E-books are weird beings. Though at a first glance their similarity to the codex book makes them look like natural inhabitants of the library OPAC, the similarity to the codex is deceiving. E-books are a different kind of being, sometimes equally different from the codex as from the electronic journal articles that have been part of the academic mainstream since the mid 1990s. E-books might require new strategies and new ways of thinking. Since usage is increasing fast, it is important to share and discuss experiences regarding e-books. This article provides a description of the handling of e-books and e-content in general as regards the Swedish BIBSAM consortia and LIBRIS national union catalogue.

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Last updated: June 1, 2018

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