Stockholm university

Attila Gergely Mráz

About me

I am a Researcher in Practical Philosophy  at the Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace and the Department of Philosophy. My research focuses on democratic theory, political equality and political rights, political ethics (with an emphasis on the ethics of voting), and non-ideal applied political philosophy. Previous publications focus on political equality, affirmative action, and the political rights of persons with severe mental disabilities, as well as the ethics of voting. Currently, I am working on  an ethics of voting for deficient democracies an non-democracies. Within that, I am particularly interested in protest voting, moral reasons for voting and abstention in non-democratic elections, and the scope and limits of citizens' responsibility for their elected but non-democratic government's wrongdoings.

Book in progress: An Ethics of Voting for Non-Democracies (working title).


Selected recent publications

Journal articles:

Does Political Equality Require Equal Power? A Pluralist Account,” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice,

A Polarization-Containing Ethics of Campaign Advertising,” Analyse & Kritik 45(1): 111–135.

A Hard Case for the Ethics of Supported Voting: Cognitive and Communicative Disabilities, and Incommunicability,” Contemporary Political Theory 22(3): 353–374.

“How to Justify Mandatory Electoral Quotas: A Political Egalitarian Approach,” Legal Theory 27(4). 285–315.

Disenfranchisement and the Capacity / Equality Puzzle: Why Disenfranchise Children But Not Adults Living with Cognitive Disabilities?”, Moral Philosophy and Politics 7(2):255‑279.

Book chapter:

“Legislation as Legal Interpretation: The Role of Legal Expertise and Political Representation,” in Francesco Ferraro and Silvia Zorzetto (eds.), Exploring the Province of Legislation: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives in Legisprudence. Dordrecht: Springer, 2022. pp. 33–56.