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Works at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences
Visiting address Nodhuset, Borgarfjordsgatan 12
Postal address Institutionen för data- och systemvetenskap 164 07 Kista

About me


I am one of the affiliated researchers at Stockholm University, also I am working as Data Scientist (System Engineer) at Combitech. I am applying system engineering method to realize end-to-end data science solutions, in “raw-data-in-intelligence-out” manner.

I have done my PhD defense at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) in Stockholm University in 2017, in title “Data-centric Network of Things”, which targets to exploit the massive amount of heterogeneous data of IoT to support various services. I was entitled a Licentiate of Philosophy in computer and system science at DSV in Sep 2015.

My researches focus on exploring methods and tools to intelligently comprehend and supply data resources in (Semantic-enhanced) IoT platforms by setting up contextual connections between the environments, IoT entities,  and the data resources; the research works utilizes following methods and tools: Ontology engineering and knowledge representation, Machine-learning, decentralized architecture, and context-awareness.



I give teaching for the Exercise and Lab for "Datorsystem VT (Computer Organization and Architecture)" in each semester at DSV since Sep 2013;

I am giving lecture for the course "Internet of Things" in the fall Semester of 2015, please check the course information from ilearn2. 


-> Major Supervised Student Thesis

Bachelor Thesis: Peter Jääskeläinen and Nils Ringström-- Towards the Reliability and Self-recovery Capability for Distributed Hash Table formed Peer-to-peer Sensor Network;

Bachelor Thesis: Frans Nordén and Fredrik Seidl A-- Semantic-oriented Message Directing Method for Internet of Things;

Bachelor Thesis: Oscar Ferm and Mattias Forsman -- Implement Subscribe/Publish based Peer to Support a Semantic Internet of Things Platform;

 Bachelor Thesis: Mehdi Rahimi and Sara Renman-- Support the Storage capability for Internet-of-Things using Extract, Transforming and Load (ETL) processes 




-> Publications:

Xiao B., and other authors, “A Self-learning manner for Intelligent provision of massive heterogeneous data in Semantic IoT”, journal draft under preparation, 2016.

Xiao B., Kanter T., and Rahmani R., “Context-driven Method for Self-Adaptable Interaction between Ubiquitous IoT Entities based on Semantical Information Distribution”, to Journal “Future Generation Computer Systems”, under revision, 2015. JCR IF: 2.786;

Xiao B., Kanter T., and Rahmani R., “Logical Interactions for heterogeneous IoT Entities via Virtual World Mirrors in Support of Ambinet Assisted Living”  in Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, in press, 2014. JCR IF: 1.063; 

Xiao B., Kanter T., and Rahmani R.., “Constructing Context-centric Data Object to Enhance Logical Associations for IoT Entities”, The 5th International Symposium on Internet of Ubiquitous and Pervasive Things (IUPT 2015), in Elsevier Procedia Computer Science 2015. Link Here

Kanter T., Rahmani R., Li. Y, Xiao B., “Vehicular Network Enabling Large-Scale and Real-Time Immersive Participation.” In Internet of Vehicles–Technologies and Services (pp. 66-75). Springer International Publishing. 2014. 66-75. Link Here

Xiao B., Kanter T., and Rahmani R., “An Ontology-based Problem-logic Driven Approach towards the Activity Awareness for Elderly Care.” International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering (2014). Link Here

Xiao B., Kanter T., and Rahmani R., “Generic Distributed Sensing in Support of Context Awareness in Ambient Assisted Living.” In Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering (pp. 99-107). Springer Berlin Heidelberg., 2014. 99-107. Link Here

Goncalves J., Liu Y., Xiao B., Chaudhry S., Hosio S., Kostakos V.,: “A Case Study in Modelling Government-Citizen Interaction in Facebook.”, Policy 2012 (2014): 2010. (I contributed to Data Analysis and Mathematic ModellingLink Here

Xiao B.Asghar, M.Z. ; Jamsa, T. ; Pulii, P.” “Canderoid”: A mobile system to remotely monitor travelling status of the elderly with dementia.” Awareness Science and Technology and Ubi-Media Computing, 2013 International Joint Conference on. IEEE, 2013. Link Here



Xiao B.,”Contextual Entity Networking-Enable Dynamic and Flexible Interaction between Heterogeneous Entities in Support of Ambient Intelligent Services”,Licentiate thesis at Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Xiao B., “Message-pushing Based Mobile System to Remotely Monitor Travelling Status of the Senior Citizen”, Master Thesis at Department of Information Processing sciences, University of Oulu, Finland.


Last updated: April 4, 2018

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