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Björn Sjöblom

About me

Senior Lecturer

Section for Child and Youth Studies


Teaches courses in Child and Youth Studies and in School-age Educare.


Research interests

I am involved in several areas of research, revolving around interaction and digital games. 


My dissertation Gaming interaction: Conversations and competencies in internet cafés (2011) deals with interaction, identity and local hierarchies at Internet cafés, using video recordings of groups of players. In it I explore for example the use of embodied interaction; categorization as a way of creating and sustaining hierarchies, the role of disciplined and skilled vision in gaming, as well as how blame and disputes are key features of gaming interaction. This research was conducted within the project Computer gaming as an aesthetic practice and informal learning, funded by the Swedish Research Council and headed by prof. Karin Aronsson.


Save Game - Björn Sjöblom. Gaming videos as documentation of gaming culture. (youtube)