Benjamin Ward


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Works at Department of Mathematics (incl. Math. Statistics)
Visiting address Kräftriket hus 6
Postal address Matematik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

I study algebraic structures arising in topology and geometry. I am using tools such as operad theory, homotopical algebra, graph complexes and Koszul duality to address questions arising from the study of moduli spaces, string topology and deformation theory.


Available on the arxiv.

8. Benjamin C. Ward.  Intertwining for semi-direct product operads. to appear in Algebr. Geom. Topol. 2018.

7. Benjamin C. Ward.  Six operations formalism for generalized operads. preprint, arxiv:1701.01374, 2017.

6. Ricardo Campos and Benjamin C. Ward.  Gravity formality.  Adv. Math. (331):439-483, 2018.

5. Ralph M. Kaufmann and Benjamin C. Ward.  Feynman categories. Astérisque, (387):vii+161, 2017.

4. Benjamin C. Ward. Hypercommuntative algebras and cyclic cohomology. Michigan Math. J., 66(3):533–547, 08 2017.

3. Benjamin C. Ward. Maurer-Cartan elements and cyclic operads. J. Noncommut. Geom., 10(4):1403–1464, 2016.

2. Ralph M. Kaufmann, Benjamin C. Ward, and J. Javier Zuniga. The odd origin of Gerstenhaber brackets, BV operators, and master equations. J. Math. Phys., 56(10):103504, 40, 2015.

1. Benjamin C. Ward. Cyclic A-infinity structures and Deligne’s conjecture. Algebr. Geom. Topol., 12(3):1487– 1551, 2012.

0. Benjamin C. Ward. Cohomology of operad algebras and Deligne’s conjecture. Thesis (Ph.D.)–Purdue University. ProQuest LLC, Ann Arbor, MI, 2013.


Last updated: November 16, 2018

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