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Camilla LienartPostdoc

About me

I hold a PhD in Biogeochemistry and marine ecosystems from the University of Bordeaux during which my research were focused on the understanding of the composition, dynamics and forcings of particulate organic matter in various marine coastal ecosystems. During my previous MsC and PhD research, I used as working tools stable isotope and fatty acids techniques coupled with numerical and statistical analyses in order to trace organic matter in different types of environments and organsims.

I currently hold a postdoc grant from Tvärminne Zoological station / Helsinki Univesity in Finland, in collaboration with Agnes Karlsson at Stockholm University as a guest researcher within the frame of the Baltic Bridge initiative. I am also part of the Baltic Sea Fellows at the Baltic Sea Center.


At the boundary between biogeochemistry and marine ecology my research interests are in tracing organic matter (OM) origin, dynamics and fate in coastal systems especially its transfer to trophic networks. I aim to understand how natural or human induced long-term changes in OM quality affect food webs, from individuals to community level. I work with OM tracer tools (stable isotopes, CSIAA, fatty acids), mixing models and multivariate statistics.

For the next 2 years I will lead my research as postdoc in Finland and Sweden in order to explore the trophic status of a key species in the Baltic, the blue mussel, in a rapidly changing ecosystem.

Check up for my publications and projects updates on my Research Gate or Google Scholar !