Christina Alnevall

Christina Alnevall


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Works at Department of Ethnology, History of Religions and Gender Studies
Telephone 08-674 79 09
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 E7
Room E 717
Postal address 106 91 Stockholm 106 91 Stockholm

About me

My research centres on gender, power and politics and includes political representation and intersectionality, gender equality within politics, gender equality policy and feminist theory.


I have extensive experience of teaching in gender studies and political science. At Stockholm University my teaching currently includes courses in Gender Studies I, Gender Studies II, supervising Bachelor and Master thesis, and Methods at the Master Program.


Doctoral thesis project

My thesis focuses on gender and political representation. The main focus in research on political representation has been on the political-institutional dimension and has avoided the complexity of daily politics of representation. By placing the representative claim and thereby the social relations that is enacted in a constant dialogue at the center of the analysis this dissertation aim to overcome this insufficiency. Thus, this study has both broader theoretical aims and more specific empirical objectives. The theoretical aim is to provide an approach that enables to analyze the claim-making processes and the construction of collective identities within these. My emphasis on the representative claim originates from contemporary research on women’s political representation and the call for theoretical and methodological revivifications in order to broaden its focus, while the discursive method is drawn from critical discourse analysis, and its capability to interlace language and social practice, that works together with a feminist perspective in order to focus the gendered hierarchy within politics.

By introducing an approach that copes with claims made on behalf of and about women as a group empirically and analyze the representative claim-making process in parliamentarian political debates with the help of feminist critical discourse analysis, I identify and examine the verbal images or portrayals, that is, the formation of women’s collective identities. Such subjectifications may not only allow us to analyze and discuss gendered power relations but also female legislators’ agency and their ability to speak and act from these positions when doing politics.


Alnevall, Christina (2014) "Fraser’s Feminism in Three Acts: Women’s Liberation, Identity Politics and Anti-Capitalism". A book review of Nancy Fraser’s Fortunes of Feminism: From State-Managed Capitalism to Neoliberal Crisis (2014).

Alnevall, Christina (2011) "Spain: Success and Obstacles on the Path to Parity Democracy", in Drude Dahlerup & Lenita Freidenvall (eds.) Electoral Gender Quota Systems and Their Implementation in Europe. Report to the European Parliament. Brussels: European Parliament.

Alnevall, Christina (2010) "Helig, dygdig och inskränkt. Tveeggade diskurser om kvinnor i mexikansk politik", i Lenita Freidenvall och Maria Jansson (red.) Politik och kritik: en feministisk guide till statsvetenskap. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

Alnevall, Christina (2009) "Kön och politisk makt i Sverige", in Kirsti Niskanen and Anita Nyberg (eds.) Kön och makt i Norden. Del I Landsrapporter. Köpenhamn: Nordiska ministerrådet.

Alnevall, Christina (2008) "Spain: Towards a More Gender-Equal State", in Dahlerup, Drude and Lenita Freidenvall (eds.) Gender Quota Systems and Their Implementation in Europe. Brussels: The European Parliament.

Alnevall, Christina (2007) "Gendered Discourses and Resistance in Mexico", in Lars Lindström, Mats Wärn and Björn Beckman (eds.) Globalization, Imperialism and Resistance. Stockholm: PODSU, Stockholm University.

Alnevall, Christina (2006) Cuotas de Género - ¿la Clave de Equidad en América Latina? in Hólmfrídur Gardharsdóttir (ed.) Mujeres latinoamericanas en movimiento: homenaje a las feministas latinoamericanas del siglo XX. Reykjavik: University of Iceland.

Alnevall, Christina (2004) "Santa Marta - a History of the First Lady of Mexico", in Edmé R. Domínguez (ed.), Women, Citizenship and Political Participation in Mexico. Göteborg: Göteborg University.

Visiting scholar

I have been a visiting scholar at the Dept of Political Science, University of California at Berkeley, invited by Professor Ruth B. Collier (and financed by The Sweden-America Foundation) and in my thesis project I work with Gender Studies Department, PIEM, El Colegio de México, Mexico City.


Research project (completed)

Quotas - A Key to Equality?
"Quotas - A Key to Equality? An International Comparison of the Use of Electoral Quotas to Obtain Equal Political Citizenship for Women", is a research project headed by Professor Drude Dahlerup, Stockholm University and financed by the Swedish Research Council. The project is the first worldwide comparative study of gender quotas ( A database of the global use of electoral gender quotas has been created in cooperation with International IDEA.


Global Database of Quotas for Women (co-authored with Julie Ballington, Virginia Beramendi-Heine, Drude Dahlerup, Lenita Freidenvall, Mona Lena Krook, and Anja Thorup Nordlund). Stockholm: International IDEA and Stockholm University, 2003.

Other assignments

•   SOU, Svart på vitt (3861 Kb) , Ministry of Education and Research, the Governments Offices (Assistant Secretary).

• Gender Specialist Advisor, affiliated to Gender Help Desk, which is commissioned to assess and analyse material for Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency).

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