Adrian Rexgren


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Works at Department of Education
Visiting address Frescativägen 54
Postal address Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

In Adrian’s doctoral dissertation the main topic is language and translation pedagogy in higher education. Both areas have historically overlapped and contributed to mutually related interests, and their corresponding classroom practices have definitely benefitted from both the field of linguistic and translation studies. For the educational researcher, examination and analysis of teachers’ actions and classroom dynamics is important in order to update key assumptions of teaching procedures and results.

His thesis work is expected to present current insights about teaching practice from an international comparative study of 3 higher education institutions in the Nordic and Baltic areas that offer similar language and translation programmes. By closely examining the repertoire of instructional strategies used by practitioners of language and translation pedagogies, the aim of this project is to contribute to the body of knowledge in the fields of descriptive pedagogy, teacher training and curriculum design in the near future.

Work experience

Language teaching

  • English for the promotion of academic research
  • German and Italian phonetics and intonation for opera singers
  • Spanish for academic purposes and international communication
  • Swedish as a second language for Spanish native speakers
  • Production of audiovisual didactic material for digital learning management systems

Translation teaching

  • Curriculum evaluation and translation competence testing
  • Translation of literary texts
  • Multilingualism and the translator’s role
  • Conference interpretation

Media & Art

  • Virtual content and its copyright/related rights
  • Classical and electric string instruments
  • Production and curatorship of music events
  • Voice acting and vocal fold anatomy


Participation in Academic Events

Rexgren, A. (2018). Exploring the translanguaging scenario of contemporary HE language and translation pedagogies. Sustainable Development Goal 4: Contribution of Global Education Seminar. Jyväskylä University, Oct 23rd-24th.

Rexgren, A. (2018). Is the higher education classroom taking heed of its ever-growing translingual reality? – ICER (International Comparative Education Research) Half-Day Symposium. Stockholm University, Nov 5th.

Rexgren, A. (2019). Translanguaging in Translation Classrooms. Joint International Seminar Towards the Realization of Sustainable Future. University of Tokyo, Jyväskylä University, Stockholm University, Feb 20th-22nd.



Rexgren, A. (upcoming). Cross-linguistic footprints of Pre-Columbian heritage languages across the extreme-music landscape of Latin-America. In K. Spracklen (Eds.). Metal Music Studies, 5(2). Bristol: Intellect Books.

Last updated: April 18, 2019

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