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Christian Nathaniel Setzer

About me

Since Fall of 2017 I have been a PhD student in Observational Cosmology at Stockholm University under the supervision of Hiranya Peiris and Jens Jasche. Prior to this, I completed my Master of Science degree in Astronomy also from Stockholm University in June 2017 with the thesis, "Linear Structure Formation of Ghost-Free Massive Bigravity". My undergraduate was spent in the United States where I completed three separate Bachelor of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics in May 2015. This was at Iowa State University where I was a student from Fall 2009. I grew up in the historical German colony of Amana in the beautiful Iowa river valley of Eastern Iowa.

I am part of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Dark Energy Science Collaboration (LSST DESC) and the Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics. I am interested in observational probes of cosmology, such as compact binary mergers which emit in both electromagnetic and gravitational waves. Additionally, I have interest in researching high performance computing, computational methods for physics, and the cosmology of modified gravity theories. I am currently researching kilonovae, the optical counterpart to a neutron star-neutron star or neutron star-blackhole merger event. I am investigating their use as standard sirens and our ability to detect them with next-generation telescopes like the LSST

Please feel free to reach out and contact me, I am eager to discuss any of my research interests or cosmology in general!

You can reach me at:
cosmosetzer at gmail dot com

My up-to-date research publications can be found on the arXiv.

A list updated as of (Jan. 2019):
[1] Serendipitous Discoveries of Kilonovae in the LSST Main Survey: Maximising Detections of Sub-Threshold Gravitational Wave Events
Christian N. Setzer
Rahul BiswasHiranya V. PeirisStephan RosswogOleg KorobkinRyan T. Wollaeger (The LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration

[2] Optimizing the LSST Observing Strategy for Dark Energy Science: DESC Recommendations for the Wide-Fast-Deep Survey
Michelle LochnerDaniel M. ScolnicHumna AwanNicolas RegnaultPhilippe GrisRachel MandelbaumEric GawiserHusni AlmoubayyedChristian N. SetzerSimon HuberMelissa L. GrahamRenée HložekRahul BiswasTim EiflerDaniel RothchildTarek Allam JrJonathan BlazekChihway ChangThomas CollettAriel GoobarIsobel M. HookMike JarvisSaurabh W. JhaAlex G. KimPhil MarshallJason D. McEwenMarc MoniezJeffrey A. NewmanHiranya V. PeirisTanja PetrushevskaJason RhodesIgnacio Sevilla-NoarbeAnže SlosarSherry H. SuyuJ. Anthony TysonPeter Yoachim (for the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration)

[3] The Photometric LSST Astronomical Time-series Classification Challenge (PLAsTiCC): Selection of a performance metric for classification probabilities balancing diverse science goals
Alex MalzRenée HložekTarek Allam JrAnita BahmanyarRahul BiswasMi DaiLluís GalbanyEmille IshidaSaurabh JhaDavid JonesRick KesslerMichelle LochnerAshish MahabalKaisey MandelRafael Martínez-GalarzaJason McEwenDaniel Muthukrishna,Gautham NarayanHiranya PeirisChristina PetersChristian Setzer, The LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration, The LSST TransientsVariable Stars Science Collaboration

[4] The Photometric LSST Astronomical Time-series Classification Challenge (PLAsTiCC): Data set
The PLAsTiCC teamTarek Allam Jr.Anita BahmanyarRahul BiswasMi DaiLluís GalbanyRenée HložekEmille E. O. IshidaSaurabh W. JhaDavid O. JonesRichard KesslerMichelle LochnerAshish A. MahabalAlex I. MalzKaisey S. MandelJuan Rafael Martínez-GalarzaJason D. McEwenDaniel MuthukrishnaGautham NarayanHiranya PeirisChristina M. PetersKara PonderChristian N. Setzer, The LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration, The LSST TransientsVariable Stars Science Collaboration