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Clara HübingerPhD student

About me

The main focus of my research is the monitoring of hydrology and water extend in the wetlands of the Ramsar Convention using remote sensing and deep learning. Climate change and increased anthropogenic activity have led to a degradation and loss wetland ecosystems globally. A thorough understanding of local hydrological dynamics and temporal changes in wetland extend is needed to aid in conservation and restoration of these systems. Remote sensing can provide valuable information for these efforts, as in-situ gauging systems remain sparse.


I utilise satellite imagery in combination with deep learning models to map and understand wetland water extend and lateral flow dynamics. To gain information on what lies below the canopy in vegetated wetlands in particular I work with radar imagery and interferometry - a technique commonly used for the detection of ground deformation or volcanic activity. Neural networks can help us process and utilise these observations for the automatic detection of water level changes in wetlands at a local and global scale.


I am part of the Water, Permafrost and Environmental systems (WPE) unit and my supervisor is Fernando Jaramillo.