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David Fopp

About me

Research project

I work on a project about multigenerational global climate justice activism, political and educational change for sustainability and the role of science / the university in this transformation: book about Fridays For Future, Scientists For Future, sustainability and the role of science in the just transformation of our fossil societies

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During the last years, I have been responsible at Stockholm University for ten university courses about democracy, sustainability, education and social relations, often using multimodality, especially arts/drama education as didactic tools. At the department for youth studies I was responsible for the course about learning how to do academic research and about social relations.

Now, I am responsible for the courses UB215Z and UB211Z within the teachers education program.


Theories about the transformation of society into a sustainable one, and the role of young people in this transformation in times of the ecological and climate crisis

Theories of democracy, youth participation, and the relation between social, ecological and economic sustainablity

Theories about the concept of "value", mirrored in children´s literature and film

Theories of empathy, compassion and "being humane" (from neuropsychology to political philosophy)

Research in teaching methods (school, university): arts education, role play, drama


PhD in political philosophy/applied theatre, a Master in (drama-)education (Stockholms universitet) and a Magister in philosophy and theatre/filmstudies (Freie Universität Berlin). During two years, I was research fellow at Ecole normale supérieure in Paris (Bourdieu, Badiou). Earlier, I taught at the universities of Basel and FU Berlin.

Work and publications

My publications: DIVA-portal

PhD in political philosophy, drama-education/esthetics and theory of democracy about a sustainable society :

More of my publications you can find here:Publication David Fopp in DIVA

My lectures and newspaper article as well as my interviews with young activists about a sustainable society you can find here: