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Dimitrios Georgouvelas

About me



  1. About me

 My name is Dimitris and I come from Greece. I got my bachelor degree in chemistry from my hometown’s university Aristotles University of Thessaloniki. In 2014, I moved to Sweden to continue my studies at Uppsala University on Bio- and nanomaterials. Since 2017, I am working at Stockholm University in the department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, under the supervision of Aji Mathew.

  1. Research

 My research is on the materials chemistry and the utilization of bio-based materials derived from wood in the manufacturing of filtering systems for the treatment of industrial effluents.

  1. On-going projects

 The on-going project has the title “Smart bio-based filters and membranes for water purification”. It has started in January 2017 and it is planned to finish in January 2022. The main component of my research is cellulose both in nano- and micrometer scale as well as its hybrids with lignin and hemicellulose. These materials are chemically modified with the aim to improve their antifouling properties together with their selectivity and capacity towards heavy metal ions and metalloids, which are present in high concentrations in e.g. effluents of the mining industry. In the on-going study, I am working on the functionalization of lignocellulose nanoparticles with zwitterionic polymers. The developed material will be used as the functional layer in the preparation of bi-layer membranes having a support layer consisting of cellulose microfibers. The final aim of the project is to manufacture spiral wound filters.

 The project is entirely funded by the MISTRA TerraClean program.

  1. Recent publications

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