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Elin Kanhov


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Works at Department of Culture and Aesthetics
Telephone 08-16 19 68
Visiting address Frescativägen 22B
Room V 216
Postal address Institutionen för kultur och estetik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

PhD Candidate in Musicology. Degree of Master of Arts in Musicology from Stockholm University with the master thesis ”A Posthumanist Aesthetics of Physicality in Music: An Understanding of the Mind-Body Problem with Music by Marie Samuelsson”. Bachelor of Arts in Music from University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.


My dissertation investigates in what ways composers of contemporary art music produce creative and ethical approaches to nature. In Gilles Deleuze I find an immanent ethics which regards art, nature and the human as part of the same totality, where the human is positioned alongside the nonhuman, and where all life processes are regarded as heterogeneous, interconnected, and complex. Instead of “othering” nature and regarding nature as something which can be represented in music, music and nature is here perceived as different, yet at times closely related, expressions of a unified whole. Deleuze’s ethical perspective provides an affirmation of the inherently creative potentials of nature, and music’s ability to experiment with these potentials from an ethical point of view. The composers I discuss throughout the dissertation all have a previously articulated interest in nature. The three primary composers I analyse are Kaija Saariaho, John Luther Adams and Helena Tulve. In the analyses, I study these interests in nature further and establish them contemporary understandings of nature, environmental issues and ecology. Then, through thinking with Deleuze I see how these musical works produce creative and above all ethical approaches to this thing we call nature.

Last updated: November 20, 2019

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