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Enrique Antonio Mejia

About me

Enrique is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Economic History and International Relations at Stockholm University and is a member of the Resilience Research School at Stockholm Resilience Centre. He works within the project "Unequal Exchange and Agrofood Globalization: Nitrogen, Soybeans and Latin America” funded by the Jan Wallanders and Tom Hedelius Foundation as well as the Tore Browaldhs Foundation. The project is headed by Matilda Baraibar (Department of Economic History and International Relations) together with Lisa Deutsch (Stockholm Resilience Centre and Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies).

Enrique comes from a transdiciplinary background with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology; Minor in Environmental Science from San Jose State University and a Master of Science in Human Ecology from Lund University. He will contribute to the project by focusing on nitrogen flows within international soybean trade and the social-ecological consequences of such exchanges by conducting a comparative historical analysis between the Pampa and Chaco regions of Argentina. His current research interests lie in the nexus of economic history, ecological economics, and political ecology.


- Donationsstipendium, Stockholms universitet: Rhodin Stiftelse (2020/2021)

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