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Eric Davidsson

About me

PhD student in theoretical physics. Numerical modelling of quantum systems, specifically in open quantum systems and polaritonic chemistry.

List of publications

Simulating Photodissociation Reactions in Bad Cavities with the Lindblad Equation
Eric Davidsson and Markus Kowalewski
Journal of Chemical Physics, 2020, 153, 234304

Atom Assisted Photochemistry in Optical Cavities
Eric Davidsson and Markus Kowalewski
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2020 124 (23), 4672-4677

Landauer's principle – Its classical conception and extension to Quantum Mechanics
Master Thesis, 2020-08

Quantum interference and interaction free measurement in a diatomic molecule
Bachelor Thesis, 2016-06

My group

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Research projects