Eva Svärdemo Åberg

Eva Svärdemo Åberg


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Works at Department of Education
Telephone 08-120 762 42
Visiting address Frescativägen 54
Room 1703
Postal address Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik 106 91 Stockholm

About me

Eva Svärdemo Åberg holds a PhD in Education and she is a senior lecturer at the Department of Education, Stockholm University, Sweden. She is director of the master´s programme in Education and of the “Design for learning” specialization. Her main research focuses on academic writing, designs for learning, representation of knowledge, assessment practices and multimodal analysis of interaction and learning activities in different educational settings. Eva Svärdemo Åberg is a member of the advisory board of the on-line journal Designs for learning

New publications

Sahlén P, Edman Stålbrandt E. & Svärdemo Åberg, E. (2020). Teachers’ work in the Swedish School Inspectorate’s quality audits in a time of accountability. I Teaching and Teacher Education, vol 96 .1-10.

Svärdemo Åberg, E, Calissendorff, M, & Ståhle, Y. (2018). Förberedd för högskolestudier? En studie av hur ”vetenskapligt grundat arbetssätt” tar skriftspråklig form i svenska gymnasiearbeten inom samhällsvetenskapsprogrammet. [Prepared for higher education? A study of how “scientifically based working methods” are represented in upper secondary diploma projects within social science programme]. In Utbildning & lärande. Vol 12, nr 2, p 7-23

Svärdemo Åberg, E. & Åkerfeldt, A. (2017). Design and recognition of multimodal texts – selection of digital tools and modes in the basis of social and material premises? In Journal of Computers in Education. Vol 4. Issue 3, p 283-306. 

Svärdemo Åberg, E, & Insulander, E. (2017). Challenges in working with Pedagogical Quality in Preschools - a Meta-Interpretation Synthesis of Empirical Studies. In Early Child development and Care, 187 (7-8), p1-11. 


A selection from Stockholm University publication database
  • 2019. Ylva Ståhle, Eva Svärdemo Åberg, Maria Calissendorff. Att utveckla forskningsbaserad undervisning, 289-308
  • 2018. Eva Svärdemo Åberg, Maria Calissendorff, Ylva Ståhle. Utbildning och Lärande / Education and Learning 12 (2), 7-23

    This study explored how scientifically based working methods were represented in upper-secondary school diploma projects and how these texts can be understood in relation to preparation for higher education. The empirical material was collected from three upper-secondary schools in Sweden. The data consisted of 54 upper-secondary school diploma projects with a pass grade. The theoretical framework drew on new literacy studies and on a design theoretical perspective. Initially, the diploma projects was examined on the basis of six science-specific criteria. Subsequently the projects were analysed to determine which representations of scientifically based working methods were made salient within the composition of the texts. The result showed that purpose formulations and questions, delimitations and source criticism and presentation of results with the support of different types of source texts were represented in the diploma projects. Scientific quality in the form of theoretical connection, theory and method knowledge and critical thinking was less prominent in upper-secondary school diploma projects.

  • 2018. Eva Svärdemo Åberg.
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