Perakis Fivos

Foivos Perakis


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Works at Department of Physics
Telephone 08-553 785 74
Visiting address Roslagstullsbacken 21
Room D6:3011
Postal address Fysikum 106 91 Stockholm

About me

My research expertise is within soft-condensed matter physics, with emphasis on the study of dynamics of liquid water, crystalline and amorphous ices. Experiments involve X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), X-ray Pump-Probe (XPP) and X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (XPCS) measurements at large X-ray facilities worldwide, such as X-ray synchrotrons (MAX IV, DESY, APS, ESRF) and free-electron lasers (Eu-XFEL, LCLS, SwissFEL, FERMI, SACLA, PAL). My main drive is to utilize coherent X-ray scattering techniques to study the molecular structure and dynamics of supercooled liquids and glassy materials, as well as aqueous solutions in biophysics.

Selected Publications

Coherent X-rays reveal the influence of cage effects on ultrafast water dynamics

Nature Communications  9, 1917 (2018)

F. Perakis, G. Camisasca, T. J. Lane, A. Späh, K. T. Wikfeldt, J. A. Sellberg, F. Lehmkühler, H. Pathak, K. H. Kim, K. Amann-Winkel, S. Schreck, S Song, T. Sato, M. Sikorski, A. Eilert, T. McQueen, H. Ogasawara, D. Nordlund, W. Roseker, J. Koralek, S. Nelson, P. Hart, R. Alonso-Mori, Y. Feng, D. Zhu, A. Robert, G. Grübel, L. G.M. Pettersson & A. Nilsson

Maxima in the thermodynamic response and correlation functions of deeply supercooled water

Science 358, 1589-1593 (2017)

K. H. Kim, A. Späh, H. Pathak, F. Perakis, D. Mariedahl, K. Amann-Winkel, J. A. Sellberg, J. H. Lee, S. Kim, J. Park, K. H. Nam, T. Katayama, A. Nilsson

Diffusive dynamics during the high-to-low density transition in amorphous ice

PNAS 114, 8193-8198 (2017)

F. Perakis, K. Amann-Winkel, F. Lehmkühler, M. Sprung, D. Mariedahl, J. A. Sellberg, H. Pathak, A. Späh, F. Cavalca, D. Schlesinger, A. Ricci, A. Jain, B. Massani, F. Aubree, C. J. Benmore, T. Loerting, G. Grübel, L. G. M. Pettersson, and A. Nilsson

Temperature-Independent Nuclear Quantum Effects on the Structure of Water

Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 075502 (2017)

K. H. Kim, H. Pathak, A. Späh, F. Perakis, D. Mariedahl, J. A. Sellberg, T. Katayama, Y. Harada, H. Ogasawara, L. G. M. Pettersson, and A. Nilsson

Vibrational Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Water

Chem.Rev. 116, 7590−7607 (2016) (pdf)

F. Perakis, L. De Marco, A. Shalit, F. Tang, Z. R. Kann, T. D. Kuhne, R. Torre, M. Bonn, and Y. Nagata


Research Activity

Researcher 2016 – 2018

Department of Physics, Stockholm University


Postdoctoral Scholar 2014 – 2016

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University


Visiting Research Scholar 2013

Crete Center for Quantum Complexity and Nanotechnology, University of Crete




Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry 2008 – 2013

Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Zurich

Diploma in Physics 2002 – 2008

Physics Department, University of Crete

Erasmus studies 2004 – 2005

Physics Department, University of Amsterdam

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