Guillermo Montero Melis Photo: Arantxa Hurtado Angé

Guillermo Montero Melis


Visa sidan på svenska
Works at The Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism
Telephone 08-16 29 19
Visiting address Universitetsvägen 10 D
Room D 442
Postal address Institutionen för svenska och flerspråkighet 106 91 Stockholm

About me


I am a postdoc at the Centre for Research on Bilingualism.

I defended my PhD thesis, Thoughts in Motion: The Role of Long-Term L1 and Short-Term L2 Experience when Talking and Thinking of Caused Motion, in June 2017, under the supervision of Emanuel Bylund Spångberg (Stockholm University) and Florian Jaeger (University of Rochester). I obtained my PhD as part of the Special Doctoral Programme in Language and Linguistics at Stockholm University.


  • Data analysis for master's students. Workshop in three sessions, Stockholm Univ., Spring 2016, Spring 2017
  • Second language acquisition. Undergraduate course at Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm Univ., Fall 2015
  • Statistics and statistical methods (co-instructor). Doctoral course at Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm Univ., Spring 2015
  • Second language research. Undergraduate course at Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm Univ., Fall 2013


Do we learn to think differently as we acquire a new language after childhood? Learning an L2 is not merely a linguistic task, but requires reconstructing meaning and shifting semantic boundaries of L1-based concepts. My research examines how speakers of different languages conceptualize events linguistically and non-linguistically. The hypothesis I test is whether linguistic experience (in the L1 or L2) affects how we represent events. I am also interested in how L2 speakers adapt to recent linguistic experience and what this reveals about their expectations: Do L2 users transfer their expectations from their L1 or do they base their expectations on L2-specific experience?


  • Montero-Melis, G., Eisenbeiss, S., Narasimhan, B., Ibarretxe-Antuñano, I., Kita, S., Kopecka, A., … Bohnemeyer, J. (2017). Talmy’s framing typology underpredicts nonverbal motion categorization: Insights from a large language sample and simulations. Cognitive Semantics, 3, 36–61.
  • Montero-Melis, G., & Bylund, E. (2016). Getting the ball rolling: the cross-linguistic conceptualization of caused motion. Language and Cognition, 1–27.
  • Montero-Melis, G., Jaeger, T. F., & Bylund, E. (2016). Thinking Is Modulated by Recent Linguistic Experience: Second Language Priming Affects Perceived Event Similarity. Language Learning, 66(3), 636–665.
  • Athanasopoulos, P., Bylund, E., Montero-Melis, G., Damjanovic, L., Schartner, A., Kibbe, A., Riches, N., & Thierry, G. (2015). Two languages, two minds: Flexible cognitive processing driven by language of operation. Psychological Science, 26(4), 518–526.

Last updated: November 19, 2018

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